You have a list of email addresses compiled from online website registrations, but don’t have full name & postal information, you know nothing more about these individuals besides their email addresses. Your subscriber file is matched with a permission-based email database, and the name, mailing address, phone etc of the subscriber is added to your file.

Using Geospace Reverse appending service you can enhance your prospects, customers database by appending Full Name, Physical Name, Phone/Fax number, Revenue, Employee size, SIC code etc. Our reverse append service matches 40% to 80% of most input files with the fastest turn around and with guaranteed results.

By utilizing Geospace  Reverse email Append service, you learn more about your in-house email Database by telling you the individual’s full name, Title, mailing address, Phone number, Fax number, Industry, Sic code, Revenue…and much more.


  • Fill the gaps in your database
  • Add data to gain a better understanding of your customers and prospects
  • Fine-tune your marketing and customer service efforts