GeoSpace provides E – Campaigns services for clients’ with limited time or resources to send bulk E-mails. We help you reach out to your target audience by providing you with ultra-high speed TEXT or HTML E-mails. Your only task is to provide us with the E-mail/Ad template, subject lines for the E-mails, your E-mail list, and reply Email-Addresses.

Generally many STMP providers such as Gmail allow you to send 500 E-mails per day. E – Campaigns is one-of-a-kind fully managed bulk E-mail service which helps you in sending almost 5 Million E-mails in a day with multiple IP’s. Geospace has secure dedicated bulk E-mail servers with fool-proof firewall. One of the advantages of our service is that you can track the effectiveness of your campaign by analyzing the statistics.

You can easily get information on number of E-mails sent and read, number of clicks, and number of recipients who unsubscribed. We also provide you with a built-in scheduler which helps you decide on the time you want the E-mails to be sent. Only replies and leads are delivered to your inbox and with our service you can avoid Spam Complaints, IP Black Listing and Website removal.

NOTE: We do not offer E – Campaigns service for mails which meant
for distribution of,

  • Defamatory, Hate, Racist content
  • Viruses
  • Copyright Violation
  • Pirated Software
  • Child Pornography

Main features of our E – Campaigns Service include,

  • Unsubscribe links
  • ISP protection
  • Can-Spam Complaint
  • E-mails are delivered into major ISP’s
  • Firewall protection to all servers
  • Personalized feel for the recipients
  • Detailed and real-time reports
  • Delivery speed of about 200,000 E-mails per hour
  • Option to run multiple campaigns
  • From E-mail address in each account
  • Undelivered mail bounce back
  • Fast- 1-5 day E-mail delivery
  • Exclusive bandwidth for every E-mail advertisement
  • Worldwide E-mail targeting
  • Ads in TEXT or HTML format
  • Free Database management Service
  • Cost-effective